The Helsinki region vision 2050 and roadmap have now been published – MDI supported the work

In the coming decades, the Helsinki region must be the most competitive and most attractive metropolitan area in the Baltic Sea Area. This vision is promoted by the future vision 2050 produced by The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. MDI supported the preparation of the vision.

Pia Pakarinen esittelee visiotyötä.

The vision work, which covers the period up to 2050, focuses on strengthening the development of the Helsinki region enabling it to be future-proof for the business sector. The vision is clear – achieving it requires bold decisions and measures by the municipalities, the state and the private sector.

The following questions are explored in the vision and the roadmap: What will the Helsinki region look like in 2050? How will the metropolitan area succeed supporting companies, people, society and the environment during the period 2030-2050? Under what conditions will the Helsinki region be the best possible Baltic Sea destination to conduct successful business by 2050?

In an urbanising world, Helsinki must seek a partnership with other compact metropolises in the Baltic Sea region.

Jarmo Eskelinen, specialist and influencer in the fields of culture and technology

The key themes of the vision are as follows:

  • Skilled labour
  • Land use, housing, transport and logistics
  • The attractiveness of Helsinki region
  • Key advantages and ‘ace cards’

Both general and more concrete goals, needs and measures have been defined for these themes.

MDI engaged in the process

We were involved in drafting both background and snapshot work. In addition, we conducted a survey for companies and worked on the content on various occasions, in which we utilised participatory methods. In the final phase, MDI sparred with the Chamber of Commerce’s core players in refining the key points and drew up the vision and the roadmap into a finished publication in cooperation with the visualist partner, Morgan.  

Materials (In Finnish)

Tulevaisuusvisio Helsingin seudulle 2050

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