Vitality study for Häme and Riihimäki

MDI carried out a study for the Regional Council of Häme and the City of Riihimäki which examined the components of Riihimäki’s vitality and its operational orientation, particularly from the perspective of the province. Focusing on vitality reinforcement from Riihimäki’s perspective, the significant themes and issues for cooperation within the Riihimäki-Hyvinkää economic area were examined and identified. Riihimäki’s operational orientation was viewed from various perspectives: administration, education, business, residents and employment. The purpose was to produce information on, and form a picture of what the alternatives are to belonging to Kanta-Häme or Uusimaa and what implications these choices could have in the future, thus providing a fuller understanding of the significance of the position of the province border for Riihimäki and indeed for the province as a whole.