Updated district-level population projection for Riihimäki

The district-level population projection for the city of Riihimäki was updated with the latest population data with broader national changes in demographic trends and their impact on the city of Riihimäki also taken into account. As part of the work undertaken, the assumptions of the previous population projection scenarios were modified and updated. The work updated the picture of the amount and distribution of future housing production within the city. The work also included a housing projection by the Kaupunkitutkimus TA and a separate calculation (by MDI) of the impact of Ukrainian refugees on the demographic structure of the city.

The result was an updated population projection and an updated report of the results. Key findings in the updated forecast included a small to moderate deterioration in the city’s demographic development in recent years, an ageing population and a sharp decline in the number of children due to a fall in the birth rate. At the same time, the possibility of very significant variations in future demographic trends, depending on the attractiveness of the city, was identified.