Updated district-level population projection for Kempele

As part of a wider project, MDI carried out a district-level population projection for the municipality of Kempele for 2022, based on the school catchment areas. The old projection required updating to better represent the perspective of services, tax revenue and housing planning among other things, due significant changes in the development of the demographic structure of the municipality between 2021 and 2023.

The update of the district-level population projection will provide an overview of the municipality’s demographic development in recent years and identify key changes in the municipality’s demographic logic compared to the previous population projection. The previous projection is then updated, incorporating the most recent data as a basis for the projection while modifying other assumptions to make them more accurate. In addition, the updated projection will include modified data on the projected housing production in terms of volume, allocation and structure.

As part of the forecasting exercise, a calculation of the need for serviced housing was also carried out as an option.

The final result will be the production of updated data and a report on the municipality’s district-level projection which will allow planning for the future of the municipality based on the latest views and calculations in relation to the future demographic structure of the municipality.