Transition security through collaboration, evaluation-study of the national ESR project

The Transition security through collaboration project (2015–2023) worked with the TE Services’ nationwide network of transition security experts and other stakeholders. The main target group of the project is transition security experts working in different parts of the country. Employers and individuals who are customers of the services have also been involved in the development and piloting.

An evaluation study was carried out on the project, the aim of which was to verify the results of the development work and make them visible. The work included external evaluation and support for internal evaluation. 

The evaluation study answered the following questions: 

1. What are the main results and successes of the project? 

2. Have the project’s measures had the intended effects? 

3. Have the project’s operating methods had the intended effects? 

4. What kinds of competence (learning and experiences) has the project produced for the participants, both formally and informally?

The evaluation included an analysis of the project’s written material, interviews and a survey, as well as of its facilitation of self-evaluation.