The final evaluation of the 6Aika-strategy

The final evaluation of the 6Aika-strategy reflected on its results and their value in relation to the resources used, the objectives set and the benefits and ’added value’ generated by these activities. The purpose of the evaluation was also to outline various perspectives on the future of urban development. The task was organised around four work packages. In the first phase, the evaluation included a document analysis, interviews, an indicator analysis using EURA data and an international benchmarking analysis. In this first phase of the work, we interviewed the representatives of the management group and the steering group as well as the city coordinators. In the second phase, a municipal survey was produced in order to map the visibility and impact of 6AIKA activities in other municipalities. The final phase of the project included results dissemination to the international academic community. According to the results of the evaluation, the 6Aika strategy has been a unique reference framework for urban development in the six cities. The evaluation was carried out in cooperation with experts from 4FRONT.