Support for the update of Kokkola’s equality and non-discrimination plan

MDI supports the city of Kokkola in updating its operational equality and non-discrimination plan. The work focuses on the objectives and conditions of equality and non-discrimination laws, as well as the experiences of the city’s various population groups and those working with them regarding the current challenges in respect of equality and non-discrimination. Additionally, the work takes into account both national objectives and Kokkola’s strengths and existing operational models in equality and non-discrimination work. As the work progresses, particular attention will be paid to changes in the operating environment, such as demographic changes and polarisation.

MDI’s contribution to the work comes in two phases. The work begins with an analysis of the current situation which includes compiling key background information. In this phase, the existing plan, Kokkola’s strategy, and the wellbeing plan are examined and complaints and collected statistics on the subject are reviewed. The client then organises a resident meeting aimed at involving citizens in updating the plan. In the final phase of the work, MDI’s experts will first draft a preliminary proposal for Kokkola’s updated equality and non-discrimination plan, with the draft being finalised after the client’s round of comments.