Support for the preparation of the TE services 2024 reform for the municipalities of Keski-Savo

An employment area is being formed in the Central Savo region, encompassing Varkaus, Pieksämäki, Leppävirta and Joroinen. Formed in this way, the employment area would be geographically uniform, compact and would better enable residents to access nearby services. 

MDI’s work consisted of two preparatory parts, the first of which dealed with phase 1. 

Phase 1. Outlines the employment area and the responsibility for its organisation, as well as drawing up a draft contract
Phase 2. Plan for organising employment services 

In accordance with the law, both the draft contract, relating both to the organisation of responsibility and to the plan for organising labour services, include the need to clarify and define funding and cost distribution. As such, it was impossible to separate these issues from the whole being prepared. 

The sparring task was given to key officials including a wider group in the context of a virtual workshop. Here, as in all other jobs, the screenio work platform was actively used, enabling fast and comprehensive data collection.