Study to identify new activities for the Ami Foundation

At present, the Ami Foundation’s activities focus on 1) Taitotalo’s corporate governance and its active development, as well as the change management and administration support required by educational integration, 2) the foundation’s (educational) real estate and investment assets management, and 3) developing the foundation’s new activities.

After incorporating the educational activities, the board of the Ami Foundation stated that in the new situation the foundation must seek new operating models with which it can continue to fulfil its purpose. The idea has been that a new element of the Foundation’s activities could be the development of work and working life and lifelong learning think tanks and related grant activities. Before further planning and the implementation of new activities, the Foundation’s management wants to make sure that the planned activities effectively contribute to the Foundation’s purpose and that stakeholders see the activities as useful.

This preliminary study was undertaken in consultation with stakeholders and the field to support the strategy work of the incoming new board and executive management. The aim was to study the views and needs of the field with the methodology beig primarily interview based.