Study of Turku region segregation

MDI examined the segregation development of municipalities in the Turku region in the 2010s on the basis of spatial data and postal code areas. The differentiation between areas on the basis of the language, labour market conditions, income structure of the population and the migration patterns that explains this were examined. The review focused on the Turku region and the 11 municipalities in the region. However, the analysis was not carried out at the municipal level but at the level of smaller statistical areas in order to highlight the development of segregation. The study used spatial data-based methods to highlight regional differences and produced a situational picture of diverse regional development within the region’s municipalities. The analysis revealed significant differences in the situation and development between districts in Turku and the nature of the unequal distribution within the region, with social challenges concentrated in certain districts of Turku and Raisio, while “well-being” was focused on residential areas in the surrounding areas. The review also identified opportunities to combine different data in a comprehensive way to better analyse developments more broadly at the local level.