Study of the effectiveness of the programme for work life and good mental health

The programme for work life and good mental health is part of the implementation of the national mental health strategy and thus part of Prime Minister Marin’s government programme. The aim of the programme is to increase the readiness of workplaces to support the mental health of employees and their ability to manage mental health risks.

MDI participated in a study coordinated by the NHG together with Tampere University, Vireä Mieli Ltd and Työterveyshoitajat ry. In this impact study, the consortium examined the generic model developed in the programme, the toolkit section and communication. MDI was responsible for evaluating the toolkit section of the programme. The aim of the impact study was to produce effectiveness data on how the awareness and introduction of means and methods related to mental health support have increased during the sub-project.

The research process was divided into three phases: the baseline survey, the evaluation during the project and the final evaluation. The evaluation examined how workplace skills and occupational health care have been strengthened in terms of means and methods in respect of mental health support.

The methods used in the study were documentary analysis, surveys, interviews and workshops.