Sparring of the service development projects that support living at home in the future

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health finances two-year development projects in which new operating models are created in well-being services counties to improve services that support the elderly living at home. The development projects are part of “The Future services supporting living at home” project, which supports municipalities and the new welfare services counties. A similar project is underway in each welfare services county with the goal now being. to harmonise operating methods.

To support the work of the projects, an inspiring training package was organised, consisting of two workshops. The goal of this training was to provide insight for network cooperation and methods for development work and to support the work of these projects in the development of the operational models created in them. The ultimate goal was to ensure that in the future, projects would be able to develop methods that would keep the project results alive even after the end of the project. MDI was responsible for planning, facilitating and compiling the results of the workshops.