Socioeconomic health and well-being differences in Kainuu

This project investigated, as part of the Sustainable Growth Kainuu project, socioeconomic differences in health and well-being by population group.

As part of the investigation, the following were carried out:

  1. A statistical review of living conditions by population group, the state of health, well-being and safety and differences between population groups (children/families with children, young people, working-age and elderly people, and by gender)
  2. a survey that was aimed at different population groups, examining the residents’ experience of the state of their well-being and health, as well as the availability and use of services. The survey was carried out in all eight municipalities of Kainuu.
  3. a participatory remote workshop with the customer and other key actors
  4. a report on the most important results of the above-mentioned phases, as well as the conclusions and proposed measures based on the results.

MDI acted as a subcontractor to the Rehabilitation Foundation in the investigation, participating in the implementation of all phases of the work and is primarily responsible for the implementation of the statistical review.