SDG operating model and development plan for Oulu tourism

Sustainable tourism has become one of the central needs and values ​​of tourism and tourists. Sustainable tourism takes into account current and future economic, social and environmental impacts. It takes into account the needs of tourists, the industry, the environment and nearby communities. The UNWTO Agenda 2030 defines the global sustainable development goals (SDG) for tourism.

The goal of the work is to prepare an SDG development plan and operating model for Oulu to support the goals of responsible tourism.

A workbook will be drawn up in Oulu, which during the work will be piloted and implemented in the three designated natural and cultural sites; Sanginjoki outdoor forest area, Virpiniemi area and Nallikari area.

The work will be completed in November 2024.
The main part of the work is done in FCG’s urban planning. MDI is responsible for a few interactive sections.