Report on refusals of ARA rental housing offers

As the refusal of ARA rental housing offers has negative consequences for different parties, there is a need to understand the reasons for the refusal of housing offers and to develop a process for receiving housing offers in order to reduce the number of refusals. First, the report provides information on the reasons – related to housing, housing offers and groups of residents – for refusing the offer of housing. The study examines the reasons for refusals, the types of housing offers that most often lead to refusals and whether there are some groups of residents for whom refusals are more common. Second, the study provides information on what measures related to the housing offer process, housing marketing and housing stock could be used to reduce refusals. The study targets five rental housing companies operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area: Stadin asunnot, Espoon asunnot Oy, Vantaan asunnot Oy (VAV), M2 Kodit and Asuntosäätiö. The study uses statistics from rental housing companies, a survey and interviews with those who have refused a housing offer and expert interviews. The result of the study is a written report and a PowerPoint slide show describing the results. The study was conducted between October 2020 and February 2021.