Reorganisation of Lahti’s business activities

The project supported the City of Lahti in the possible reorganisation of business activities. The report was divided into the following sections: 1) Identifying changes in the operating environment 2) Mapping the current state of business development and future options 3) Comparison of the solutions adopted by the City of Lahti with those of Tampere, Seinäjoki, Espoo and Turku 4) Gathering ideas how Lahti can attract enterprises and the skills they need 5) Examination of the effects of a possible health and social services reform on the future investment capacity and vitality activities of the City of Lahti 6) Presentation of different options for the organisation and ex-ante evaluation of different solutions.

It was essential to ensure the commitment of the various actors to reorganisation. In order to develop implementation and create a more active dialogue and partnership, MDI supported Lahti in creating partnership networks around the themes of business development, so that these networks can be utilised in the future.