Preparation of the immigration Strategy in Lapland 2022-2030+

MDI worked with Owal Group preparing the immigration strategy in Lapland. The aim is to develop a Lapland immigration strategy, creating a common vision for the province on how immigration supports positive development in terms of vibrancy and employment in the region. The strategy takes into account the various means of immigration to support the growth and development of Lapland as a whole that benefits all parties. In its entirety, the strategy aims to strengthen the integration of migrants into society, to ensure adequate access to competent labour in Lapland and to increase the attractiveness of Lapland. The strategy targets both work- and education-based immigration and the employment, reach and attachment of immigrants in the region to Lapland. According to the call for tender, in this context, immigrants refer to those who have entered the country on a work, educational or family basis, or those receiving international protection including asylum seekers. The strategy outlines a number of key development measures to promote integration and the employment of immigrants, enabling them to better access the labour market and thus improving their chances of benefiting from working life. The development measures also take into account immigration outside the labour market. Thus, the strategy can be characterised as holistic in relation to both focus groups and content. The preparatory work resulted in a positive strategy supporting the functioning of the network of operators which will broadly examine immigration and its related phenomena and factors. The strategy supports access to knowledgeable labour in Lapland.