Population projection of children’s age groups

A company working on media business purchased population projection data from MDI on the projected demographic development of children’s age groups for the period 2022-2040 as they relate to the different scenarios of the MDI population projection. The data was reproduced on the municipal level. The work also included a report of key findings on actual and future trends.

In addition to the development of children, the work also paid particular attention to the development of different language groups. While the number of children is decreasing sharply across the country due to a decline in the birth rate, the number of foreign-language children is increasing at a considerable rate due to immigration and the young age structure of the foreign-language population. These two diverging trends are leading to a particularly rapid increase in the proportion of foreign-language children. The study also drew attention to the considerable regional disparities in development.

The results of the work were presented at an event specified by the client.