Population projection by language groups for 19 areas of Kirkkonummi

MDI produced a population projection by language groups up to 2040 for 19 areas of Kirkkonummi. The projection predicted how the population of Kirkkonummi will develop during the period 2020-2040 according to the age structure, population size and language groups, based on the dynamics of the previously made population projection for the entire municipality. The result was a projection for 19 areas by age group and by language groups up to 2040 which takes into account the impact of zoning on the development of different areas. The projection areas were based on the municipality’s own observation areas formed from smaller areas. As a result of the projection, Kirkkonummi will grow strongly, especially in areas with significant housing zoning. On the other hand, the population development of sparsely populated areas is weaker. In language group terms the number of foreign speakers will grow but so also will numbers of Finnish speakers. The age structure of Kirkkonummi will age very strongly in the 2020s and 2030s.