Population development in Tuusula and the housing policy scenario

In support of Tuusula’s housing policy plan, MDI looked at the municipality’s actual and future development from the perspective of population development, regional profiles, housing issues and the need for housing production.

The work consisted of an extensive analysis of the current situation, which looked at the development and profile of both the entire municipality and the sub-regions within the municipality. Based on an analysis of the current situation, the future development of Tuusula was examined, relying on the municipality’s own population forecasts, the population scenarios made alongside them and on modelling of the development of the structure of the housing communities and the need for housing production.

The final result was delivered in the form of a report that answered key questions about the need for the amount and structure of future housing production in Tuusula, identifying the opportunities and challenges in respect of the municipality’s attraction and retention power, as well as addressing the differentiation of the various areas within the municipality.