Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme, user stories of manufacturing digitalisation

In connection with the implementation of the government programme, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment launched, in autumn 2019, the AI 4.0 development package, the aim of which is to strengthen Finland’s economic, ecological and social sustainability through the application of intelligent technologies and the data business. MDI facilitated the pre-programme strategy process for sustainable digitalisation in the manufacturing industry. MDI supported the AI 4.0 programme by compiling user stories based on the 2nd decile business interviews of small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing industry and other materials used in the strategy work. The user stories describe strategically key themes that illustrate the challenges of sustainable digitalisation and the introduction of artificial intelligence in SMEs. User stories depict archetypal enterprises, situations and personalities. The stories include both the current situation which describes the identified challenges and future scenarios, describing the desired solutions that have materialised. In addition, user stories describe users’ operating environments and networks, as well as searching for user-specific forms of expression.Link to report (Available in Finnish):