Mid-term evaluation of Fingo’s advocacy work 2020

Fingo is a Finnish NGO platform and an expert on global development, representing 300 Finnish civil society organisations engaged in development co-operation, sustainable development and global education. Fingo was established the coming together of Kepa and the Finnish NGDO Platform to the European Union, Kehys, have formed a new umbrella organisation in autumn 2018. Fingo’s development cooperation programme has been drawn up for 2019–2021 and its main programme goal has been to enable the political decision-makers and officials to utilize the expertise of civil society in promoting global justice and sustainable development in decision-making. The goal of advocacy is to influence political decision-making in accordance with the goals promoted by the organization. MDI conducted the evaluation of Fingo’s advocacy work as a Proactive Impact Assessment (PIA), which provides real-time information on longer-term effects and helps support impact generation in the context of the changing operating environment and its needs. In the PIA evaluation process, the impact paths and change theories are used to examine whether the desired results and impacts have been achieved and, in particular, whether future impacts and goals are likely to be achieved in the longer term. The mid-term evaluation work was based on Fingo’s strategic management and monitoring data and materials, written materials and interviews. The evaluation aims to support the development of activities, in particular with a view to the next 2022–2025 programme. The evaluation was completed in October 2020.