Jyväskylä housing market survey

During 2023, Jyväskylä will make Housing Vision 2035. To support its preparation and as background material, there is a need to make a light housing market survey, which maps the situation of the housing market in Jyväskylä. Questions to be clarified are e.g. what kind of housing is in demand, are there bottlenecks in the housing market, what are the “easy” and what are the “difficult” properties, what phenomena have been identified in the housing market, what are the housing concepts and in which direction they are developing and what are the prospects in 10 years. The ultimate purpose of the survey is to find out what the interesting land supply is like, where the city should invest and if, for example, there is a need for stronger profiling. The report also includes views from reference cities and from the national level. Views are collected from local actors such as real estate agents and construction companies, construction companies and external commentators.