Innovation days for SMEs

MDI implemented innovation sessions for SMEs that were customised to the needs of the participating enterprises. The management of the enterprises participated in the day-long innovation workshops. In the session, the goal was to support enterprises to identify market opportunities by addressing the enterprise’s expertise, the operating environment and considering business change and expansion opportunities in other markets, product or service groups, or by streamlining the business. The starting point was to emphasise customer orientation, internationality, the utilisation of digitalisation and the data economy, as well as the opportunities for new value networks in the development of new business.The methods used in connection with MDI’s innovation days have been tested in hundreds of workshops and innovation camps. Good facilitation ensures that the voice of all participants is heard, interesting discussions are stimulated and key issues are identified. It is also important to create a confidential and relaxed atmosphere that allows for deep thinking and the exploration of new ideas. In the brainstorming phase, MDI uses a variety of inspirational and perspective- opening stimuli to generate new ideas. In ters of processing the best ideas, applying a Business Model canvas has proven to be a good method in this context. MDI’s innovation sessions utilise suitable foreknowledge and expertise, thus linking enterprise business development to its broader context and linking cross-sectoral future and market knowledge directly to SME business development.During the winter of 2020-21, MDI implemented 7-10 innovation workshops for different enterprises.