Innovation camp focused on improving nutrient recycling

MDI facilitated an innovation camp for nutrient recycling in Tuusula on 10-11 April 2018. The camp was hosted by the Natural Resources Insitute. The Finnish Rural Network took part in the arrangements. The camp focus was on searching for symbiotic solutions for improved nutrient recycling, as well as concrete new openings and follow-up steps for promoting circular economy entrepreneurship. The 30-hour camp had 36 participants, who were all experts in nutrient recycling. The participants represented companies, research institutes and farms. MDI planned and facilitated the two-day workflow for the innovation camp. The participants worked on the issues related to nutrient recycling in four themes (biogas, alimentary products, wastewater, and manure). The participants learned also how to pitch their ideas and how to develop a product from their idea. The team work culminated in planning of an experiment and pitching their idea. A three-person camp jury chose the biogas team’s idea “greenhouse in the crossroads of nutrient and energy flows” as the winning one. The main price was a meeting with the Minister for the Environment, Kimmo Tiilikainen. Further information on the innovation camp for nutrient recycling in Finnish can be found at the Finnish Rural Network website or through the MDI podcast.