INNOVA – Impact assessment and indicators of innovation ecosystems

Innovation ecosystems are recognised as playing an increasingly important role in the implementation of innovation and industrial policies at the national, regional and EU levels. The impact assessment of these ecosystems is however complex while the impact assessment and measurement of different types of ecosystems remains underdeveloped internationally. Assessing the benefits, social significance and impact of ecosystems requires new approaches and indicators that take better account of the added value of ecosystems for enterprises and research organisations as well as for economic and social renewal more generally.The study provides an analytically thorough study of the impact and indicators of innovation ecosystems. The study provides information to support the impact assessment of national preparatory processes and RDI policy measures. The project supports national and regional actors, e.g., the implementation of the measures of the national RDI roadmap, the reflection of partnership models for RDI cooperation between the private and public sectors and the more effective implementation of ecosystem agreements between the state and university cities.