Hämeenlinna sub-regional population projection

MDI implemented a sub-regional population projection coving the period 2020-2040 for the City of Hämeenlinna. The population scenarios, covering the entire city, however focused on the inner areas of Hämeenlinna, where, for example, the effect of zoning was taken into account in order to gain a better understanding of the potential future distribution of population development within the city. The projection was based on the MDI population projection with the sub-regional projection method also based on it. The sub-regional projection and the sub-regional analysis of the municipality’s demographic development revealed considerable differences in the city’s demographic development. The future demographic development described the strong position of the city centre and its ability to continue growing in future. The demographic changes that emerge from the projection will benefit the city’s various industries, for example, in assessing the need for services and in perceiving the future challenges (and opportunities) facing the municipality. As part of the work, the results were presented to Hämeenlinna City Council.