Hämeenlinna aged people housing project

The ‘meikä asuu missä haluu’ (I live where I want to live) project, funded by the Ministry of Environment’s Action Programme on Elderly Housing, will be rolled out in Hämeenlinna during the period 2021-22.. The project promotes special assistance for the planning and development of housing for ageing people. As part of the project, a survey for older people was carried out in the city and surrounding areas. More than 500 responses were received to the survey, some in electronic form and some on paper. MDI produced a report on the responses to the survey and an analysis of the results.The survey was used to provide information on the pros and cons of existing living forms of ageing. In addition, older people shared their hopes for future housing. Respondents provided comprehensive information on what wishes they have with regard to the type of housing and apartment properties, the community and community facilities of the housing location, and the capacity to support services in the vicinity of the apartment when addressing the issues surrounding shared capacity for strengthening recreational activities. The older you get, the stronger the need for a home in close proximity to home health and social care services. For all age groups, in addition to proximity to basic services and hobby opportunities, a good yard and a quiet location close to nature, where you can go outdoors, is also seen as important. In addition to a village catering to the needs of older people, there was also a general desire to ensure that apartments were located in areas containing all ages, something which was generally perceived as strengthening the ability of older people to function more effectively.