Geospatial and population base analysis of the current state survey of the service network of the wellbeing services county of Satakunta

The first phase of the construction of the service network for the wellbeing services county of Satakunta, i.e., the current state survey, included spatial data and a population analysis as well as a technical building analysis. MDI was responsible for preparing the spatial data and population analysis. Trellum Oy, with whom we collaborated during the project, was responsible for preparing the construction analysis. 

The spatial data and population analysis consisted of five mutually complementary work phases:

1. A description of the current situation in respect of the offices of the county, the services and volumes, as well as accessibility information on travel and time distances.
2. Location information of private service providers’ offices location information, Main industry and number of customers and patients
3. Optimal locations and definition of the influence areas formed around the locations
4. Demographic competitiveness analysis and population forecasts and alternative population scenarios
5. Reporting

The work was carried out in cooperation with MDI’s sub-contractors Locia Solutions Oy and Spatial Agent.