Facilitation of Mikkeli’s vitality and economic growth programme

The work focused in creating a common target space between the city and the region’s business life. Based on this, a growth programme for the business life and the regional economy was created to help promote and develop vitality. At the same time, the work also sought to help the city correct its finances which have been in deficit for a long time. MDI’s task was to unite and bind key decision-makers, civil service management and representatives of the business world in particular around the same goal. In the process, a snapshot of vitality was created and the opportunities for various actors to influence the growth of the regional economy in the short and medium term were identified. Based on the work carried out here, the aim is to find a common target space for the actors for a period of one, three and five years. MDI acted as the initiator of and guide for the process while also documenting the results.