Expert support for the regionalisation strategy

Regionalisation refers to the location of government units and functions outside the metropolitan area. The current form of regionalisation began at the beginning of this millennium and is coordinated, monitored and developed under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance. At the end of 2019, the Ministry of Finance started preparing new strategic guidelines for regionalisation. The process renewed the guidelines for the state’s actions and presence in the regions in the 2020s in order to carry out the tasks of the agencies and to serve citizens and businesses, as well as what changes this will require in the objectives and operating principles of regionalisation. The guidelines prepared in the project serve as the basis for the reform of the regionalisation legislation. MDI put together the knowledge base feeding into policy preparation and was involved in facilitating opportunities in the Regional Round, implemented by major area during January 2020. In addition, an interactive survey was conducted with the Innoduel tool. Innoduel is a game-like survey tool that brought together various draft regionalisation strategies that were valued by respondents. The work was directed by the Regionalisation Coordination Group and commissioned by the Ministry of Finance.
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