Evaluation of the development programme for work and wellbeing at work (WORK2030)

MDI, in cooperation with Owal Group, carried out an evaluation of the WORK2030 programme. The goals of the evaluation were 1) to assess the implementation of the programme’s objectives, sub-objectives and measures, 2) to assess the programme’s effectiveness and the scope and sustainability of the activities and 3) to provide an insight into the programme’s long-term social impact. The evaluation sought to highlight issues at different stages: whether the programme is doing the right things to achieve its objectives (relevance, efficiency and effectiveness).

The methods used in the evaluation were documentary analysis, interviews, surveys and dialogic workshops. As part of the evaluation indicator work was also carried out. The indicators were linked to the proactive evaluation model and its measurement. Information was produced for other indicators, for example through the programme’s own monitoring data, surveys and statistics.

External evaluation produced information to improve the implementation of the programme. The Final Report, presenting the results of the overall assessment, the conclusions and the recommendations was published in 2023.