Evaluation of Business Finland’s People-Oriented Programs

Business Finland’s people-centered programs, Liideri, Fiilis, Luovimo and Lifestyle, promoted new value creation, customer experience and the creative sector. The programs have enhanced awareness of the significance of non-technical innovation in various business sectors. According to the evaluation the Fiilis Program achieved its objective in generating new networks and promoting partnerships between the creative sector and other sectors. With its correct timing, the program has succeeded in reaching design companies, promoting digitalization and implementing projects aiming to create even better customer experiences. The Liideri Program has had a significant effect in the area of innovations in management and the working life. Increase in turnover and the number of employees in the Liideri companies has been faster than in the companies used as comparison. The Luovimo Program provided a method for developing the concept, product or service sales in selected clusters in the creative sector. Luovimo was considered a very significant program especially for growth companies. Furthermore, The Luovimo and Lifestyle programs have provided know-how for international sales, actual customer contacts and new networks in the target sectors.