Evaluation of Business Finland’s contribution to health and wellbeing – A combined programme evaluation and thematic review

The main goal of the evaluation was to produce a comprehensive evaluation of Business Finland’s (BF’s) contribution to the development of the health and wellbeing sector over the period 2000-2022. In addition, a more detailed evaluation was also carried out on two Business Finland programmes: the Personalised Health (2018-2022) and Smart Health (2019-2022) programmes, as well as on the long-term programmatic efforts in respect of health and wellbeing. 

The evaluation work focused on forming a comprehensive understanding of BF’s actions, impacts and added value to the development of the health and wellbeing sector in Finland. Accordingly, the evaluation sought the views of various parties, such as the target groups of the activity, stakeholders and implementers. The evaluation results are therefore based on the analysis and comprehensive interpretation of information gathered from a range of perspectives. 

The evaluation process consisted of four different complementary sets:
– A programme evaluation
– The evaluation of thematic actions
– An overall evaluation: conclusions and recommendations
– A final report 

The final evaluations dealt specifically with the strategic relevance of the programmes, the success of the programme implementation and programme concepts and the results of the programmes compared to the goals set.