Elaboration of Ami Foundation’s strategy

In the spring of 2022, the board of the Ami Foundation approved the foundation’s new role, mission and long-term vision-defining strategy for the years 2022–2025. According to this strategy, the Ami Foundation aims to produce impactful information on the labour market in the Finnish metropolitan area with the goal of making it the best and most skilled in the Nordic countries. The selected strategy is based on the assessment that the labour market and expertise in the metropolitan area can be improved through the power of information and its application, as well as by bringing together the region’s stakeholders. 

MDI continued its supportive consultancy work initiated in 2020 by means of a focused strategy alignment process carried out during the summer and early autumn. This process included the development of a proactive impact model that provided the foundation for future impact assessments. The work was conducted in collaboration with the Ami Foundation and its key stakeholders.