Designing Tuusula municipality’s vitality program

MDI assists the municipality of Tuusula in creating a vitality programme. The programme work is a continuation of the municipality’s strategy work and its goal is to determine the long-term goals related to the vitality of the municipality. The programme work takes into account Tuusula’s municipal strategy, social and health reform and the TE2024 reform that is currently in preparation. In addition, the programme work ensures the participation of key actors and stakeholders in the process.

The programme work has three main phases:

1) Background work: MDI prepares an overview based on a statistical analysis of the current state of vitality of Tuusula municipality. In addition, a survey involving an extensive selection of actors and interviews with business representatives will also be carried out.

2) Participatory work: In the second phase of the programme, two workshops and a future seminar will be organised, the aim of which is to work on the content of the vitality programme together with political decision-makers, representatives of business and other stakeholders.

3) Formulation of the vitality programme: In the concluding phase of the project, MDI finalises the key working areas, goals and measures of the vitality programme based on the results of the previous phases.