Demographic and migration analysis of the Tampere City Region in 2020

MDI examined the demographic development of the Tampere City Region, in particular the changes that have taken place in migration terms during 2020. As part of the review, MDI analysed how the age structure and orientation of internal migration, the volume and age structure of immigration and emigration and births and deaths changed during 2020 compared to the period 2015-2019. The review examined the development of both the entire region and each municipality in the region. The results were reported via a visual slide show. The results show the effects of the pandemic year from the perspective of the municipalities in the Tampere City Region, as well as the position of the Tampere City Region in the migration in 2020 in relation to the rest of the country. A closer look at the age structure also broadened the understanding of pandemic migration, taking into account the different changes that have taken place in different age groups. The analysis also showed the intensification of the Tampere City Region during the pandemic, but also the strengthened position of the city of Tampere in relation to the Helsinki metropolitan area.