Custom made information service for Kajaani

Guided by its city strategy (2019–2022), the city of Kajaani aims to strengthen municipal vitality and the well-being of the population in particular, as well as the city’s general attractiveness and the development of innovation within it. To support the strategy and the city’s economy and operations, information is needed on the development of these issues and the situation of the municipality more generally. MDI implemented a digital information service for Kajaani which monitors the development image of the city of Kajaani through the most important indicators and municipal comparisons describing regional development and vitality. The most important benefits of the digital information service are e.g. the fact that vital information describing the development of the city can be found in one service pre-visualised. In addition, informative and versatile customisable visualisations are easily available for use by city management, employees and persons elected to a position of trust (and can be attached to PowerPoint presentations, for example). The information service implemented with the Tableau program is published at: