Communications camp for Leader groups of Central Finland

The communication camp for the Leader groups in Central Finland discussed the communication and future of rural areas of Central Finland and the Leader groups. The aim was to collect and evaluate the established communication practices and successes of past communication projects which will be used as a basis for the communication model reform. In the new funding period, communication will be handled by a regional communicator CAP, while in the previous programme periods the groups have carried out provincial communication projects themselves. Participants prepared for the camp day by each undertaking a pre-assignment task – each had to look for an example of the success of project communication in their own area and nationwide. Examples were used as inspiration for the discussion. The camp was divided into two parts: a discussion of best practices in communication and a review of the future. The joint development of the camp provided the groups with a common vision and thoughts on the future organisation of Leader communication in Central Finland, and shared the participants’ experiences, thoughts and ideas. Leader JyväsRiihi, Leader Maaseutukehitys, Leader Vesuri and Leader Viisari participated in the camp.