Attraction and retention of municipal work – project evaluation

In Finland, population ageing and migration affect the availability of skilled labour and with it, the well-being of those currently in work. Moreover, ongoing changes, such as those in relation to legislative changes, job descriptions, digitalisation and client needs, affect job satisfaction and the engagement of municipal employees. In the Oulunkaari district, we have begun to develop the operational capability of municipal personnel with a view to influencing their work performance.

The attraction and retention of municipal work -project is funded by the ESR (June 1, 2020-December 31, 2022), the main goal of which is to increase the occupational well-being of employees and supervisors and to extend their working careers. The municipality of Ii is in charge of the project, in cooperation with the city of Pudasjärvi, the municipalities of Vaala and Utajärvi and the joint municipal authorities of Oulunkaari.

The purpose of the project is to improve the well-being of municipal employees and supervisors, e.g. through adequate resourcing, the development of occupational  well-being skills, the strengthening of self-direction and the development of mentoring. In the project, special attention is paid to supporting the ability of the elderly to better cope at work. In addition, the project will increase the attractiveness of project participants as meaningful workplaces by improving their employer image.

The measures used in the project are the creation of a digital welfare offering, personnel education, and the creation of a mentoring model.

MDI will carry out the final evaluation of the project which will cover the entire project period between 2020 and 2022. The evaluation is focused on both achievement of the goals for each participant and for the common goals of the project as a whole. The assessment is carried out by means of a document analysis, interviews and a survey.