Assessment of the effects of the Suomi line on the trackside areas

Suomi-Rata Oy’s goal is to plan a one-hour rail connection between Helsinki-Tampere and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Both options include a flight path from Pasila to Helsinki
A long-distance railway to be built in Kerava via Vantaa Airport.

Suomi-Rata Oy’s reports or assessments have only indirectly paid attention to the regional aspects of rail alignment alternatives, for example in terms of population political effects, effects of choices related to housing and location (migration, commuting and business mobility) and regional vitality effects. In this respect, the picture of the situation remains very incomplete for both alignment alternatives, as the dynamic effects or accessibility benefits do not pay attention to the effects on the areas between the alignment alternatives of Helsinki and Tampere. The picture of the situation remains incomplete from the point of view of population policy, regional mobility and vitality effects, especially for the province of Kanta-Häme, and especially for the area of Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki.

MD has prepared a scenario analysis based on three different alternatives on the effects of rail alignment options on population policy, housing and location-related choices, and vitality in Kanta-Häme province, and within the province, especially in terms of the Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki area.

The material for the scenario review is the applicable data related to the subject area, surveys, reports and studies made on the subject area, as well as the results of expert interviews. In connection with the scenario review, 6-8 expert interviews were carried out for experts in traffic and movement, population development and attraction, housing and construction, and vitality about the effects of rail changes from the perspective of Kanta-Häme province.
Each scenario was examined from the perspective of Kanta-Häme, and especially the area of Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki.