Assessment of stakeholder effectiveness of RDI activities at Lapland University of Applied Sciences

The assessment explains, particularly from the perspective of partners and stakeholders, how impressive the RDI activities of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences have been. The assesment includes how cooperation and partnership with Lapland University of Applied Sciences has affected the activities of cooperatives and stakeholders, while also identifying the most important issues in respect of of cooperation and where there have been challenges, as well as how activities could be further developed in the future. Interest in the work, particularly from stakeholder perspective, focuses on benefits and effectiveness, in other words how the benefits and effects of the RDI activities have emerged for partners and stakeholders, identifying also the wider importance and added value of RDI for the development of the Lapland region. The final objective of the assessment is to produce development proposals to further develop RDI activities and cooperation and the effectiveness and added value of the RDI activities.