Analysis of the current situation and evaluation of the HYMY project

The project examined the current situation in relation to the promotion of wellbeing in the context of the HYMY project’s municipalities (Tampere city region, Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Lahti). The aim was to gain a better understanding of the current welfare work in the HYMY municipalities, its processes and how the municipalities have taken into account the different sectors of the municipality in their welfare work. In addition, MDI examined how the HYMY project has affected the welfare work of the municipalities in two areas: 1. expanding the knowledge base of welfare work, especially with the built environment and 2. utilisation of phenomenon-based planning and impact assessment in welfare work.MDI discovered what the role of the welfare report and welfare plan in the HYMY municipalities currently is and how they are seen as useful tools in welfare work. The project also outlined the processes of welfare work, for example how decisions are made, how different sectors are taken into account in welfare work and whether the plans of the various sectors are coordinated so that the goals decided upon are achieved in the best possible way without duplication of work. In addition, the project discovered how the built environment impacts welfare work, as well as how geographic information is utilised in welfare work and in the preparation of the welfare report and welfare plan. As a result of the project, a report on the current situation of welfare promotion work with development proposals was created.Architect, Matti Vatilo acted as an expert in land use, housing and transport for this project.Report available in Finnish: