How is your municipality doing? Check the situation from our updated information service

We have updated our interactive information service concerning the regional development of municipalities. The free service is intended to support municipalities’ regional development and data-based management.

Kuvituskuva MDI:n aluekehityksen tietopalvelusta

The interactive information service focusing on municipalities’ regional development has now been updated with the latest statistics. The municipalities’ employment, business activity, attraction, income, education and wellbeing and other vitality indicators are each the subject of the review. A total of 17 indicators have been selected from these themes, through which the overall index of each municipality’s regional development is drawn. In the information service, you can select a municipality and view the situation in relation to municipalities across mainland Finland or municipalities of the same size in terms of population.

Among the municipalities of mainland Finland, Pirkkala, Sipoo, Lempäälä, Kauniainen, Kaarina, Espoo, Nurmijärvi, Lieto, Järvenpää and Tuusula received the highest overall scores. Compared to the previous year, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kirkkonummi and Porvoo have dropped out of the top ten.

The statistical data used in the updated situation picture are mainly taken from the years 2021 and 2020, so the exceptional period of regional development during the covid-19 crisis is reflected in the results.

In connection with the update, the appearance and functionality of the information service were also renewed. In the future, the information service will be updated whenever new statistics become available.

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