‘Work Trial’ is a functional and cost-effective service that will continue to be needed

MDI carried out a study, ‘Work trial as a service’ provided by the TE Office for the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. We examined the experiences of the work trials service as reported by clients, participating workplaces and specialists from the TE Office.

According to the study, the financial benefits of work trials are higher than the costs – it was found that Work trials improved the participants’ situation both in terms of employment and educational opportunities.  However, work trials did not improve the situation of those belonging to disadvantaged groups.

Steps should therefore be taken to continue and develop the work trials service further. Work trials should be linked more closely with other services, studies and language skills development. The experimental nature of the work trials should be emphasised and participation should be encouraged. The administrative process should be digitalised.

A greater level of support should however be given to both participants and organisers while  clearer instructions and systematic control are required to prevent any form of misuse related to work trials.

As part of the study, a recruitment experiment was also examined, the effects of which were also positive. For the majority of participants, it led to employment.