Welcome to Herttoniemi vision evening on January 30, 2018

MDI is involved in drawing Herttoniemi district vision work. The first vision evening will be held on Tuesday 30.1. at 4.30 pm at the Herttoniemi Secondary School (Heryk), at Kettutie 6. Come and tell what is happening in West Herttoniemi, Herttoniemenranta, Herttoniemi business district and Roihuvuori, and plan together the future of the city district. There will be coffee and snacks at the event.

Herttoniemi district vision is a pilot project in which the city of Helsinki and the inhabitants of the area together create the vision for the district. The vision is based on the commitment of the City of Helsinki to the development of inclusion and the need to find new ways of operating through the integration of the urban environment agencies into local neighbourhood. The vision process enables you to participate in the long-term planning of your everyday environment and creates a new kind of way of making a way for urban development. The result of this work is a shared understanding of the future of the Herttoniemi district and how that future can be achieved. The vision is linked to the three urban sprawl projects: 1) mapping the needs of schools, kindergartens, youth clubs and other public spaces; 2) planning of streets, parks and green spaces; 3) drawing up the design principles of the supplementary housing for West Herttoniemi.

Herttoniemi’s vision extends around 2030. The visionary work will be done in 2018. During the spring and the late summer, four open visions and GIS-survey are organized.

Date of next vision evenings are:

Tuesday 19 March 2018 at 17.00

Tuesday, April 25, 2018 at 17.00

The vision will be published in August village festivals

For more information: www.hel.fi/herttoniemenvisio

Work is supported by a group of actors from the region and the city’s stakeholders. Project is managed by our hubpartner Akordi, and also Mapita is involved in the project.