Vitality Programme for Kaustinen Region

MDI sparred and assisted Kaustinen region municipalities (Halsua, Kaustinen, Lestijärvi, Perho, Toholampi, Veteli) during 2016 in the preparation of regional vitality programme. The ongoing massive governmental reform will change the role of municipalities and so a joint strategy process, which would support the development of the whole region and individual municipalities, was seen very important. The aim was to formulate a common strategic vision and development priorities in order to increase the vitality of the region. Cooperation is seen as a precondition for the success of small municipalities. During the preparation almost 100 developers and local councillors were involved in this intensive strategy process and more than 300 inhabitants and companies expressed their views to the programme through questionnaires. The core issue in the region is the creation of new jobs by strengthening the region’s economic life.