Towards the new year with a growing line-up

At the beginning of January, our team of experts was strengthened with four experts. Expert Sinikukka Pyykkönen returned to our ranks and we welcomed expert Sara Anttila and expert trainees Eeva Leskinen and Oskari Jokinen.

Sinikukka has extensive experience of carrying out regional and rural development evaluations and projects. In addition to MDI’s communications coordination, Sinikukka works with clients in themes such as public administration development, rural and urban development and housing and transport.

Sara has a master’s degree in Social Sciences, majoring in public administration where she focused on administrative systems and development at all levels of government. She is particularly interested in the interaction between residents, decision-makers and the administration, as well as in the development of operating models. In addition to communication tasks, Sara’s desk will see projects related to urban development.

Eeva is completing her master’s studies at the University of Tampere, where she has focused on cultural and urban sociology issues. She has expertise in the themes of culture, education and welfare. At MDI, Eeva will work on the themes of competence and employment in particular.

Oskari is a university student who’s currently finishing his studies in Finnish and Finno-Ugric languages. As a minor, Oskari has studied communications and economics. He is interested in communications as a part of society and its development, as well as in the strategic planning and implementation of communications. Oskari works as a part of the communications team.

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