Timo Aro puts on MDI top

As the September transfer window opened, MDI has a great pleasure of announcing the biggest news of the autumn. Mr. Timo Aro (D.Soc.Sc.) puts on a red MDI top and enters the starting eleven as a target player. Previously Timo has worked as a development manager at the city of Pori and an advisor to MDI. With the new signing, MDI further boosts company’s abilities to support information and knowledge-based decision-making.

Timo Aro
Photo: Juha Saastamoinen

Timo will work as a specialist with themes dear and already well known to him.
– Timo is number one in Finland when it comes to studying development trends related to regional and population structures. All experts following the game know Timo as an active tweeter who also might provoke intensive discussion, Mr. Janne Antikainen, chairman of MDI, states. Timo’s know-how and expertise in this field serve our customers’ objectives in strengthening the knowledge-based management, Janne concludes.

Timo already knows the name of the game in consulting business as he has helped a bunch of towns and cities, regions and ministries through his own company. In the future, these services will remain available at MDI. Timo himself sees the move as a chance to challenge his own competence.
– There was nothing pushing me away from the city of Pori. The opportunity of joining MDI on a full-time basis gives me a chance for learning and professional development. That’s why this move seemed as a right choice, Timo says contentedly.

Timo starts his work at MDI on 6th November, 2017.

For additional information, please contact Janne Antikainen, janne.antikainen(a)mdi.fi, 040 764 1829.