The success factors of innovation ecosystems are used to develop the Government Programme RDI Road Map

The success factors for innovation environments and ecosystems are highlighted in a recent report  for the Ministry of Education and Culture, the results of which will be utilised in the government programme. The aim is to draw up a long-term plan to improve the RDI environment, increasing in the share of GDP in private and public investment and financing by 4%.

Innovation ecosystems are built on the dialogue networks populated by companies, research institutes, public sector actors and consumers. Nine case studies from the study identified the success factors and conditions for success that can be invested in to improve the functioning and effectiveness of innovation ecosystems. These factors were highlighted as follows:: identification of a common goal and structures supporting cooperation, the facilitation and coordination of cooperation, the diversity and activity of actors, the coordination of public and private sector activities and the continuity and coherence of policy.

The study recommended, among other things: restoring perseverance on RDI policy, flexible strategy and programming to support RDI cooperation and reinforcing synergies between national and regional objectives and development activities.

We carried out the study with 4Front.